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It's likely that four themes above "Origin of rhythm & music", "Synchronization of body movement", "Individual interaction" and "Multimodal integration", could be investigated independently, however, we might be able to integrate those themes if we introduce a concept "vocal learning" into our researches. To examine this idea, we use vocal learning species, such as budgerigars, songbirds and humans, in bio-psycho experiments.


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EEG Recordings and Analyses

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Psychological Experiments in Humans



Yoshimasa Seki, Ph.D


BA at Behavioral Sciences, Faculty of Letters, Chiba University
Ph. D at Grad School of Sci. and Tech., Chiba University

Research & Teaching
Research Associate, Dep. of Psychology, Univ. of Maryland
Research Scientist, RIKEN-BSI
Research Scientist, JST-ERATO
Assistant Professor, Grad School of Arts and Sci., Univ. of Tokyo
Associate Professor, Aichi Univeristy

Selected Publications


Peer-reviewed Papers

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  1. JSPS Kakenhi Project #25285198
    2013 - 2018 PI: Seki.Y
  2. JSPS Kakenhi Project #24653210
    2012 - 2015 PI: Seki.Y
  3. JSPS Kakenhi Project #22830131
    2010 - 2011 PI: Seki.Y